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When Comparing Quotes Consider the Following

  • Will you be guaranteed peace of mind with a 5 year guarantee?
  • Will you receive a Certificate of Compliance to ensure Australian Standards & your Safety?
  • Will your expectations be clearly understood and accounted for?
  • Will you have a dedicated Project Manager to ensure your expectations are met?
  • Will your quotes be itemised in detail and well explained so you know what your paying for?
  • Will you have access to multiple transaction facilities for convenient payment?
  • Will the others be fully qualified and licensed technicians?
  • Will the others use drop sheets & carpets to protect your house & its contents?
  • Will the other only use Australian Approved materials to ensure you get what you paid for?
  • Will the others guarantee a fixed price, so you don’t' get any nasty surprises?
  • Will the others clean up after themselves following completion of your job?
  • Will the other call you after the job to ensure your complete satisfaction of the job provided?
  • Do the others have Business System Certification and OHSW Accreditation?
  • Will the other service you 24 hours, 7 days a week?
  • Will the other provide prompt and courteous After Sales Service?
  • Have the other been established for a considerable time and well experienced?

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Precise Plumbing - Helping Life Flow...
Precise Plumbing - Helping Life Flow...