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Partners & Affiliates

Precise Plumbing’s key partner relationships help us too deliver the best service we possibly can to our clients.

SA Pipe Relining

Based in Adelaide, South Australia, SA Pipe Relining was developed to meet the demands of South Australia's ageing sewer, stormwater and potable water* infrastructure. With the ability to repair broken, collapsed and even missing sections of pipes either above or below ground, without the need of costly excavation, repairs and or replacement, Pipe Relining is the way of the future. With the already excessive demands placed on our environment, Pipe Relining is fast becoming the most practical, least intrusive and best environmentally friendly solution for pipe repairs which provides long lasting and affordable results. Precise Plumbing has a strong partnership with SA Pipe Relining in delivering alternative plumbing solutions to our customers. 

Plumbing Industry Association

Precise Plumbing is a proud member of the Plumbing Industry Association, often working along side the PIA on major issues affecting our industry, environment and community.

The Plumbing Industry Association of South Australia Inc (PIASA), promotes and develops on-going protection of community health and safety through the provision of quality plumbing services.

The PIASA provides leadership, resources and training for the South Australian plumbing community and provides a gateway for communications between industry members, government agencies and members to ensure they provide the public with the best services and information possible.

Systems Certified Contractor

Precise Plumbing is a Systems Certified Contractor meaning we have achieved third party certification of our management systems to the Civil Construction Management Code, or relevant International/Australian Standards. To achieve certification and subsequent CCF Certified Contractor status, Precise Plumbing had to demonstrate by the process of third party audit, that our management systems meet the mandatory requirements of the Management Code or the Standards of ISO 9001 and/or AS/NZ 4801 and/or ISO 14001.

CCF Certified Contractors provide a significant degree of assurance for Clients, Consulting Engineers and Principle Contractors that they have the appropriate capability to manage the OH&S, Environmental and Quality risks associated with the industry.

In order for Precise Plumbing to become CCF certified, our management systems had to adequately address each element of the following elements and had to be formally audited by a third party Certification Body.  

Female Friendly Accredited

Precise Plumbing is a Female Friendly Accredited business, meaning that Precise Plumbing has been highly recommended by our customers for outstanding service.

Female Friendly helps place women in front of honest and trustworthy businesses so they can confidently proceed without worrying if they are going to be overcharged or taken advantage of.

It also gives businesses the opportunity to highlight their customer's words of praise by showcasing their testimonials on the Female Friendly website for others to see.

Reece Plumbing

Reece is Australia‘s leading supplier of bathroom and plumbing products with over 400 stores across the country including their market leading Bathroom Life™ showrooms. Reece also cater for more specialised industries through their Irrigation, hvac-r and Civil businesses as well Onsite which services commercial plumbers and volume home builders.

Precise Plumbing - Helping Life Flow...
Precise Plumbing - Helping Life Flow...