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Blocked Drains

If it's blocked, we can fix it!

Do you ever think about what happens when you pull the plug from the sink or flush your toilet? Shower, basins, sinks and toilets are all connected to the drainage system in your house or building through a network of interconnected drains. The drains are designed to convey sewage and waste water from your property out to the street main and into Adelaide’s 8314 kilometres of drainage infrastructure where it is processed, and where possible, treated and reused for irrigation purposes.

If you're inconvenienced by blocked drains, chances are your home or business will be unable to function. Precise Plumbing understands the need for urgent attention to blocked drains and responds instantly to all emergency situations. As maintenance plumbers we not only unblock property drains but clean along the entire length of the main drains to ensure your system runs at its full potential.

Common problems which cause blocked drains are tree root intrusion, cracked, collapsed or misaligned drains, sanitary napkins, excessive paper usage, fats and grease in drains.

Hydrojet Drain Cleaning

HydrojetDrain Cleaning

Hydrojet Drain Cleaning uses high pressure water and flow to cut through internal tree roots and other stubborn blockages in both sewer and stormwater drains whilst simultaneously intensively cleaning and de scouring the pipe. Precise Plumbing can Hydrojet all pipe types and sizes from bathroom drains through to mainline street mains.

CCTV Drainage Inspections

CCTV Drain Inspection

If you’re having constant problems with your drains or pipeline then a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) inspection of your pipeline is a must. You’ll receive a detailed report with photos of the problem areas in the drain and a full colour DVD recording of the pipeline inspection. Armed with this information we can the recommend the best solution and course of action to rectify your drainage / pipeline problem.

Pipe Relining

In older locations, clay sewerage pipes often collapse or are susceptible to the intrusion of tree roots. Precise Plumbing has the ability to replace entire main drains or Reline over any problem areas thus preventing any unnecessary destruction of surroundings. Relining is also a valuable option when drains cannot be easily accessed.

Follow the link below to visit our partner company and learn more about Pipe Relining.

Blocked Drain - Tree Root Intrusion

Blocked Drain Adelaide Plumber

Tree roots are the most common cause of blocked drains. Roots generally enter drains from cracked joints and restrict flow, in turn causing blockages.

The right tools and the right experience makes the difference.

Precise Plumbing Drain Clean Snake

All vans are equipped with modern top of the range drain cleaning equipment.

Hydrojet Drain Cleaning

Precise Plumbing Hydrojet

Hydrojet drain cleaning utilises high pressure water jets to clean the internals of drains and to remove fine tree root intrusions.

Hydrjet drain cleaning is also the preffered option for clearing blocked stormwater pipes.

Pipe Relining Technology

Drain Relining

Pipe Relining allows drains to be repaired without the cost, inconvenience and destruction of tradition excavation methods.

Contact SA Pipe Relining today on 1300 799 846 for full details on how Pipe Relining can be the solution to your problem.

Collapsed & Broken Drains

Blocked Drain Adelaide Plumbing

Collapsed & Broken drains also cause blockages. CCTV Drain Inspections allow visual footage of the problems and determine exactly whats happening in the drains. Best method of repair can then be discussed.

Precise Plumbing - Helping Life Flow...
Precise Plumbing - Helping Life Flow...