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Hot Water

You’d be surprised how reliant you are on water heating and how disruptive it can be to your life or organisation when you don’t have any.

Rinnai Instantaneous Precise Adelaide

Precise Plumbing has the ability and expertise to quickly repair, replace and service all types of systems.

Gas, Electric, Heat Pump or Solar, all makes and models, you’ll never be left in the cold.

We’ll have any hot water heater emergency under control in no time.

Precise Plumbing also maintains and installs commercial hot water heaters and boiler units and can provide flexible solutions for your commercial hot water heating requirements.

Rebates and Regulations
New or replacement water heaters installed in South Australian homes must, by law, comply with the residential water heater requirements. In most cases a high efficiency gas, solar or electric heat pump water heater will need to be installed.

Household water heating is typically the largest use of energy in a home and a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions. 

South Australia was the first state to implement water heater requirements for both new and established homes, when they were introduced on 1 July 2008. 

The requirements were developed in consultation with water heater manufacturers and the plumbing, gas and housing industries in order to promote a greener state and reduce South Australian’s greenhouse gas emissions.

We're Your Water Heater Specilaists

Gas, Heat Pump, Solar, Electric

Any type, any make, any model.
Precise  can service repair, install and replace your Adelaide hot water service.

Rheem Heat Pump Adelaide Plumbing

Heat Pump heaters meet new State Regulations for high efficiency hot water systems.

Solar Precise Adelaide Plumbing

Solar systems come in various styles and makes.
Call us today to discuss your requirements.

Precise Plumbing - Helping Life Flow...
Precise Plumbing - Helping Life Flow...